I am here to capture your family, as you are.  




It all began at summer camp. I was 12 and I became a PHOTOGRAPHER with simply a camera, some film, and a dark room. It was actually a pretty monumental summer as I think that was the same summer of my first kiss…but that is another story. That summer I took pictures of kids playing soccer, capsizing canoes in the middle of the pond, hanging outside their cabins, and singing songs at meal time and taps at bedtime….It was so much fun and I felt empowered to capture each and every moment.

Today I am looking to capture the uniqueness of the people around me and the pieces that tell the greater story.

This is where I come in as your photographer. Taking pictures on your phone or on your camera is a great way to remember a particular event or day, but they normally aren't ones that you are willing to display on your home walls and typically, someone is left out of the memory. Hiring the right photographer enables you to freeze a moment in time. To capture who you are in a way that brings emotion and memories to the surface. If you hire me, this will be my goal and purpose for our session.